Change Day

Under the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Muna Al Hussein 


The Health Institutions Accreditation Council launches


 For the 10th year in a row

 "Change Day" initiative on 9/18/2023 


Under the slogan (Care starts with the patient's voice


Coinciding with the World Health Organization's World Patient Safety Day 


With the aim of shedding light on initiatives that ensure the safety of patients, auditors and workers in health institutions 



Think of an innovative idea, make a pledge on our website, implement your pledge on the day of change, and invite your acquaintances to participate with us.



What is Change Day? 

Change Day is the day on which the contractors (who have previously pledged through the Change Day website) implement their pledges that will improve the quality of health services and activate the principles of patient safety and rights.


What is the purpose of Change Day?

The Health Institutions Accreditation Council aims to motivate all health sector workers, individuals and institutions, to pledge before the date of the initiative to provide the best in health care through pioneering activities and events. Improving the level of quality of health services provided at the level of the Kingdom.


How is the Change Day initiative Implementing this year? 

By inviting all departments of health institutions, all employees, and service recipients to pledge before 9/18/2023 to provide innovative initiatives and activities outside the framework of their daily recurring work. These pledges guarantee the safety of workers in health institutions who are considered the first line of defense. Also, with involving the patients and recipients, we will implement their innovative pledges as of the Initiative Day (Change Day) 9/18/2023, in order to Raise global awareness of the need for active engagement of patients and their families and caregivers in all settings and at all levels of health care to improve patient safety.


What pledge and innovative idea for the activity or initiative can you present as an administrator and leader in the health institution, as one of its employees, or as a service recipient on the day of the "Change Day" initiative?


Pledge: Make your pledge any time before 9/19/2202 and apply it on Initiative Day to make a difference!


Share: Share the idea of your initiative or your organization's activity on Initiative Day to inspire many with your pledge! 


Join us in improving health care services to reach our vision of improving them and activating the principles of patient safety and protecting their rights in various health care institutions in the Kingdom.



What is your pledge? 

Submit your pledge now, no matter how simple, to ensure the safety of workers and service recipients in the health sector! Register with us before 18/9/2023! Institutions/individuals wishing to participate in "Change Day" must carry out initiatives and activities that will bring about change and improve the processes and procedures followed to serve drug safety and patient health. 

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