Change Day

What is Change Day?

Change Day is the day on which pledgers fulfill their pledges to improve health care services and activate the principles of patient safety and rights. Through Change Day, HCAC aims to motivate all health care workers and institutions to pledge, before Change Day, to provide the best health care services through innovative activities and events, then fulfill their pledges as of the Change Day; which will help improve the quality of health care service provided in Jordan.

How is the Change Day initiative carried out this year?

By calling on all health care managers and workers to make their pledges before 17/9/2020 by proposing innovative initiatives and activities beyond their day-to-day work routine, such that their pledges ensure the safety of health care workers as the frontline, which will have a positive impact on the safety of patients and visitors of their institutions. These innovative pledges will be fulfilled as of the “Change Day” on 17/9/2020 in order to activate the principles of public safety in health care institutions in Jordan, particularly in times of crises.

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