Change Day

What is Change Day?

Change Day is the day when contractors will fulfill their commitments to improve the quality of health services and activate the principles of patient safety and rights.

What is the purpose of this initiative?

Through Change Day, the Health Care Accreditation Council aims to motivate all health workers, whether individuals or institutions, to pledge, before September 18, 2019, to provide the best health care and to carry out their pledges on Change Day, September 18, 2019, which will be reflected in the quality of health care services provided throughout Jordan.

The "Change Day 6" initiative builds on the great success of the initiative in the past years, with the participation of more than 187,000 workers in the health sector, including individuals and institutions, with the aim of improving the quality and efficiency of the health care services provided by registering their pledge on “Change Day”.

What do I pledge to do?

Pledging with us means changing and improving your daily routine, no matter how simple or substantial it may be, in order to improve the standard of the health care services you provide.

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