HRH Princess Muna Al Hussein

I pledge to continue my efforts in investing in the nursing and midwifery workforce while supporting the enforcement of regulation governing the profession to enhance health and wellbeing for the purpose of public protection

صاحبة السمو الملكي الأميرة منى الحسين – حفظها الله

أتعهد بدعم الجهود الرامية للاستثمار بالقوى العاملة في مجال التمريض والقبالة والعمل الحثيث لتنفيذ التشريعات الناظمة للمهنة لتعزيز الصحة وحماية أفراد المجتمع

Share your innovative pledge that will contribute to change in the health sector and inspire many to start change

Make your pledge any time before September 18, 2019, so you can carry out the change on the Change Day.

Be the leader to inspire many with your pledge and drive improvement with us to achieve our vision of improving health care services provided to citizens.

What is Change Day?

Change Day is the day when contractors will fulfill their commitments to improve the quality of health services and activate the principles of patient safety and rights.

What is the purpose of this initiative?

Through Change Day, the Health Care Accreditation Council aims to motivate all health workers, whether individuals or institutions, to pledge, before September 18, 2019, to provide the best health care and to carry out their pledges on

The Health Care Accreditation Council is a national non-profit organization, established in 2007 under the Non-profit Private Shareholding Companies Law and registered in the Companies Register at the Ministry of Industry and Trade in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan under no. (191) for 2007.

The Health Care Accreditation Council is the national body in Jordan that is concerned with developing and improving the quality of health care services and activating the principles of patient



She pledged to taste the medicine before giving it to the children to know how it taste & to understand the children’s reaction to it, also some nurses pledged to entertain the kids by wearing clown costume and do some face painting for them while waiting for their vaccine, other nurses pledged not to let their personal life problems interfere with their performance at work.

A Nurse In one of the children’s clinics in Britain

He pledged to spend some time with the patient’s family to explain to them more about his situation and wash any unneeded fears away, some doctors pledged to give some training sessions about how to increase the quality of health services.

Australian Doctor

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