How can I join the pledge?

Whether you are a health care manager, leader or worker, you can make a pledge within one of the pre-set themes.

All you need to do is to fill out your pledge form before 16/9/2021; to enrich the Change Day Initiative and carry out your pledge on Change Day.

Everyone, regardless of their job title or nature of their work, can enrich the Change Day initiative. Join us and make a difference in the quality of health care services provided, and in the safety of health care workers and recipients, especially during these difficult times.

If you are a manager, leader or official, we invite you to be a role model and an inspiration for all. By adopting and implementing a pledge, you motivate everyone to promote improvement and change; and help overcome many barriers that prevent many workers from being creative.

If you are a health care worker, we invite you to unleash your innovative ideas that can help change the life of a patient or recipient of the care you provide.

You can also encourage your community, the public-at-large and other beneficiaries of your services to also make a pledge and participate in Change Day, to ensure their active engagement in the quality of care they receive and the safety of services.

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